Renaissance Classical Preschool

3 days 21 hours ago

This week, the children learned why their homes are so important. For protection from bad weather, to keep all their things in, and to sleep, eat, and live in. We learned about different types of homes and about the different rooms in a home. And we also learned about the types of furniture that goes in each room.

Come out and enjoy some food, fun and fellowship!

This week, the children learned that there are many different types of families. Some are large and some are small, but their family is the most special of all. ♥️

Renaissance Classical Preschool

2 weeks 8 hours ago

The children have been learning how to have healthy bodies. They have learned it’s important to eat healthy foods. Exercise is also very important! Team work is another thing they have learned see how they sorted these items. These children are such a blessing .